Adoration 2019

Saturday, September 28
Mini-Dome at ETSU
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Our vision is to bring together 1,000 different churches under the Lordship of Jesus Christ to pray, worship, and Restore Appalachia from drug abuse. Will you join us? September 28th in the Mini Dome at East Tennessee State University.

This event is FREE and everyone is invited!

2:00 PM: Public Prayer Service
3:30 PM: Organization Expo for Resources
3:30 PM: Block Party with Food Trucks
5:45 PM: Public Reading of Scripture
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM: Main Event

Address: East Tennessee State University Mini-Dome

How to register your church so you can be counted:
1. APPOINT - Appoint one person from your church to be the Official Representative and physical symbol of your church.
2. REGISTER - Have your appointed Representative register online at (only the appointed Rep. needs to register)
3. INVITE - Invite your whole church to come!

Concessions and t-shirts will be available for purchase at the event! We are also having FOOD TRUCKS at our Block Party!! Bring your family, friends, small group, youth group, or church to join the vision to Restore Appalachia.

*Only clear bags will be allowed into the Mini Dome for safety purposes.

Adoration 2019 is a public prayer and worship gathering for church congregations, pastors, community leaders, college students, youth groups, outreach organizations, families, and the public. Adoration 2019 focuses on celebrating Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and equipping local churches on how to restore Appalachia from drug abuse. Adoration 2019 is the third large gathering hosted at the East Tennessee State University Mini Dome by the non-profit organization, Adoration Life. If you have a heart for the Body of Christ, prayer, worship, the drug epidemic, and helping others, Adoration 2019 is for you! Looking for 1,000 Church Representatives, you can help us by registering to be the representative for your church at

Want to display your recovery organization or ministry? Click here to purchase an Organization Expo Ticket:

A list of churches already committed:


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  • Saturday, September 28

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