WBEJ - Established, Invested, Informs and Entertains

As Elizabethton/Carter County, Tennessee's oldest radio station, WBEJ's long established and steady listening audience has enabled the station to remain one of the best media buys in the Northeast Tennessee market.

Since July, 1946 WBEJ has provided its listeners with a mix of local and regional news and information, with the music most preferred by the Carter County and surrounding area radio listeners. As a result, WBEJ has maintained its veteran listeners, yet also attracts younger audiences by adapting programming adjustments in conjunction with changing popular trends in the radio listening market. Because country music has been the most popular format in the Northeast Tennessee area including Carter County for over a decade, WBEJ uses a contemporary country music and local/regional information programming mix to maintain and expand its audience base.

To enhance our programming and coverage area, WBEJ added the FM 107.9 FM frequency in 2012.  This provides a clean stereo signal for our listeners and advertisers.  

WBEJ utilizes the service of World Wide News at the top of each hour 24 hours a day and adds local news and weather to World Wide News in the morning and afternoon drive times to enhance its appeal to area listeners.

WBEJ has a prospective 59,000 listeners in Carter County, and serves the entire TRI-CITIES Market Area with its broadcast signal covering a population numbered in the hundreds of thousands.

Further enhancement of WBEJ's programming and listener appeal is achieved with exclusive broadcasts of local high school football and basketball games and events of local interest.

Employment Policy....

It is the policy of WBEJ Radio to provide equal employment opportunity to all who qualify without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability or any other characteristic protected by law.  If your organization distributes information about employment opportunities to job seekers or would like to learn about current job openings, contact WBEJ Radio at WBEJ Radio, 510 Broad Street, Elizabethton, Tennessee 37643. Contact general manager Ms. Cleo Reed or Program/Operations Manager, David Miller.

WBEJ Radio is an equal opportunity employer.


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8:00 P.M. - 1:00 A.M. with Nikki Walker:
I'm a music junkie. My entire life has revolved around music whether I was singing in choir, or dancing in a studio. It's not just an art form-- it is life to me. That's why I got into radio! I had an epiphany one day while sitting in a history class in college... "why am I wasting time on something I'm not passionate about??" I immediately realized I needed to do something with music. That's when I applied to broadcasting school! I thrived in that environment so I made it a career. After interning for a full year, I started off doing part time promotions for a radio station in Denver. Later that year I was offered a job with Westwood One as a co-Producer of the Lia Show. I learned everything I could and took my skills to KYGO/Denver and became the overnight girl on the country station. New opportunities arose and here I am! I absolutely love my job and it's all because I'm passionate about it. I love listening to all genres of music- not just country. If I could bring my dog Pip everywhere with me I would! Camping, eating good food, and hanging out with buddies are what feed my soul. I'm a simple woman that loves outdoors and of course-- the music.